Thank you for visiting! Currently, I am not scheduling new clients until Summer 2020. If you are interested in working with me, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please use this form to drop me a note and tell me a little bit about yourself and your organizing goals, and I will gladly add your name to my wait list. You might also wish to contact one of my colleagues from the Professional Organizers in Canada or the Institute for Challenging Disorganization .

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Order is being able to find somethng when you need it, and put it in its home when you're done with it
Harmony is isn't one size fits all, it's a system that fits the way you work and think.
In an environment that reflects, supports and energizes us, there is opportunity
Service offerings of Three Things

Initial Consultation

During an Initial Consultation, we’ll meet in your home or office space for approximately an hour and a half. There’s no need to clean up ahead of time. The more “realistic” the situation, the more helpful I can be. 

We’ll sit down and talk about how you want and/or need to use your space. I’ll ask questions, listen closely, and help you clarify the spheres of activity you need to organize. Then we’ll determine what currently works well in your office or home, and where there may be some obstacles. Along the way, I’ll offer some easy-to-learn organizing tips and strategies. Near the end of the consultation, I’ll give you an estimate of how long your project might take.

Getting Started

Together we’ll create a plan that honours your natural style. We’ll utilize resources you may already have on hand. We’ll use the Three Things sorting rule: love it, need it, or use it, to determine what stays and what goes. We’ll work in minimum two-hour blocks of time to create an environment that supports you, rather than distracts or overwhelms you.

Getting organized is a process. As we progress, I’ll encourage you to become more aware of how you work and what works best for you. Things change internally and externally. Life isn’t static. Nor should your organizing system be.

Three things I won’t do

Shame or embarrass you. The way things are now is simply a snapshot of where the unique circumstances of your life have brought you. It is not a permanent condition. It does not define who you are.

Send you away for a weekend, while I makeover your office or home. Anything that you aren’t part of, won’t stay a part of you.

Offer you a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution to your specific organizing needs. You are unique and we’ll work together to ensure our solutions reflect that.

Testimonials from people that have used Three Things offerings of Three Things

Cynthia is a supportive mentor for getting organized and raising productivity. She’s warm, caring and perceptive. And she doesn’t waste time – her no-nonsense questions uncover assumptions and illuminate new pathways. read more

Shelagh Smith, HTR, MAEEC, Horticultural Therapist and Adult Educator, Vancouver 

The first thing I noticed about working with Cynthia was that she was non-judgmental about the heaps of disorganized papers that littered my office. After my first meeting with Cynthia my fears that she would not be able to help me because she didn’t know the details and objectives of my job quickly vanished. I was particularly impressed by her ability to ask the perfect questions to guide my articulation of the type of organizational system that would work best for me. I felt a new energy and a more hopeful approach to my work as soon as I began working with Cynthia. 
read more

Annette DeFaveri, Manager - Children's and Youth Services, Vancouver Public Library

Cynthia always seemed to know if I was feeling overwhelmed during a session and would switch to something else. Sometimes I felt anxious right before a session because, to my mind, it seemed an impossible task ahead. If I was having difficulty making a decision, Cynthia would ask me questions that made it possible for me to clarify what my needs were. She kept me on track when I wanted to avoid dealing with something. If I was flagging, her gentle encouragement helped.  read more

Anne Martin, Librarian, Vancouver

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About Cynthia

Cynthia Ford (BFA, Certificate of Counselling Skills) is an ADD and Chronic Disorganization Specialist (Institute for Challenging Disorganization). She combines her training as a counsellor with 20 years experience working in private and public libraries, and resource centres. She has studied Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel and is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association. She is a Trained Professional Organizer (Professional Organizers in Canada) and has served as Treasurer on the Executive Team of the BC Lower Mainland Chapter. She currently serves on ICD's Teleclass Education Development Committee (AD/HD).

Cynthia helps people with AD/HD unlock their creative potential.  She works primarily with creatives, including writers, entrepreneurs, animators, artists, academics, musicians, and all those who aspire to be creative... if they could only get organized. With a combination of non-judgmental support, sensitivity, and practical insight, she helps her clients get unstuck, and equips them with the tools needed to create order, find harmony, and discover creative opportunity.


Three Things Fees Structure and Discounts

Initial Consultation $125.00, plus GST

This session lasts approximately 1½ to 2 hours. Please see under SERVICE for a more detailed description. 

Sessions minimum 3 hours, $85 per hour, plus GST

Currently Three Things serves the Metro Vancouver area.

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